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What Types of Jewelry Does Accent Buy?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Jewelry, by design, is made to be worn. But every day we see many pieces that just aren’t getting the attention they deserve. Pieces may have been inadvertently pushed to the back of the jewelry box, may have diminished in sentimental value, may have been replaced by something newer, or may just not be aligned to their wearer’s current style.

Whatever the reason, we see beautiful estate pieces come through our doors and into our display cases daily, here in Memphis. These photos are just a few examples of some of the exquisite pieces we had the pleasure to acquire just this past week.

If you find that you have items that you just aren’t wearing any longer, consider bringing them by Accent Jewelers and Loans. We’ll take a look at your items and give you an offer -and- pay you on the spot! We’re located on the first floor of the I-Bank Tower at 505 Poplar in Memphis. And remember, at Accent, We Pay More! We are the largest jewelry buyers in Memphis!

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