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Want to Sell Gold, Jewelry, & Silver?

If you are considering selling unwanted jewelry, you should, at least, call Accent Jewelers & Loans.  We are interested in buying jewelry you want to sell regardless of the size of your sale.  Accent will buy anything from a single broken earring to an estate package of jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

            Accent DOUBLES OUR CASH OFFER if you use as in-store credit!


Below is a list of items most likely to arrive at our Memphis store daily.


  • Fine Jewelry (modern, antique, damaged or dirty)

  • Loose Diamonds / All Diamonds

  • Mounted Diamonds (rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.)

  • Gold (any condition, scrap to pure)

  • Dental Gold

  • Class Rings

  • Sterling Silver (jewelry, flatware, tea sets, trays, serving pieces)

  • Platinum (any condition, scrap to pure)

  • Gold and Silver Coins

  • Fine Watches (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Tag Heuer and others, working or not)


There is no charge for evaluation on items we offer to purchase. Many businesses, including jewelry stores, advertise to buy jewelry, gold and diamonds.  And it's always a sideline to their primary business.  At Accent, buying and appraising these items is our primary business.

Other Memphis gold buyers sell Diamonds and Jewelry they purchase to Wholesalers who then resell those items. At Accent, we have an international network of customers who directly purchase the jewelry, sterling silver, coins and diamonds we buy.

No Added Middleman  >>  Another Reason Accent Always Pays More!


How did Accent become the best and largest buyer of these items in the Memphis region? 

We operate a professional business, staffed by the best trained, professional and credentialed staff in the area.  When you take your jewelry or coins to Accent, it is handled carefully and evaluated by knowledgeable people.  We are pleased to explain how we arrive at our offers, keeping you informed at every step. Learn more about our process!

                           Click here to view LIVE Market Prices!


Our two GIA Graduate Gemologists separate us from all other Memphis area buyers.  But, it takes more than a degree to appraise and accurately value jewelry.  A GIA Gemologist is trained to identify and evaluate the quality of diamonds and gemstones.  They receive no training in determining values.  Therefore, Accent employs a Certified Member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA) and a certified appraiser.  Continuing education encompasses all areas of our industry, including training with the National Associate of Watch and Clock Collectors.


Accent Jewelers and Loans has a strong list of customers, worldwide, eager to buy the items we acquire. As this list grows, so does our need for increased inventory, and we are prepared to pay top dollar for the items you have to sell.  Most often, sellers who come to Accent are pleasantly surprised.  That’s how we earned our slogan:  ACCENT ALWAYS PAYS MORE!


Many store owners call Accent when they decide to retire or close their stores for other reasons.  That’s a testament to the prices we pay for gold, silver, diamonds, bullion and coins.  Here is what one store retiree has to say.

sell sterling in Memphis
Variety of Coins
Image by Edgar Soto

After 29 years in the retail business, I decided to close my jewelry store in 2016, and after the closing sale, had quite
a bit of inventory left. I have been an Accent customer working with Jason Moss for many years. He’s always gone
above and beyond to help me find things that I need for customers. When I needed to sell the remaining inventory,
Jason was the first one to come to mind. I knew I could trust him and he would be fair. I totaled the investment
that I had in the remaining jewelry and the retail price. Then, I came up with a number that I thought was
reasonable, but never told Jason the amount. He sent a call tag and I shipped the jewelry. When he called me with
the price, I was amazed that it was almost the exact dollar I had hoped to get. I will miss getting to work with
Jason in the jewelry business!

Rings and Strings
Columbus, Mississippi

Heading 4


I decided to sell some jewelry, never done anything like this before. I went on a Saturday. The people there are awesome and very professional .. I was shocked when she told me the amount. I will be going back there to buy and sell......All 5 stars!

— Sandra S.

Where to sell gold, sterling silver pieces, Rolex watches & fine jewelry in Memphis? Accent is the place!

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