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Want to Sell Your Gold or Silver Coins in Memphis?


Accent will buy your gold or silver coins – just stop by and we’ll give you an offer! Our coin buying process is that easy!
We employ two graduates of Professionally Trained Coin Graders and are top coin dealers in Memphis.


Which Every Day, Commonly Circulated Gold & Silver Coins are Valuable? 

 - Dimes, Quarters, Half-dollars and Dollar Coins 1964 and older are 90% silver.

 - U.S. Kennedy Half Dollar Coins Minted from 1965 – 1969 are 40% silver.
- There are various commemorative coins that were minted after 1964 which have some silver content.


    >>  After a quick coin evaluation, Accent will make you a cash offer.

Examples of Silver and Gold Coins We Buy:

American Buffalo

.999 One Ounce
American Eagle Half
American Eagle Quarter
American Eagle Tenth
American Arts Frost Ounce
American Gold Eagle

U.S. Gold Double Eagles .9675
Australian Kangaroo
American Arts Armstong Ounce
Austrian Philharmonic
Austrian Korona
British Britannia

British Sovereign
British Britannia
Bullion coins
Canadian Maple Leaf

Chinese Panda

Commemorative Sets

Gold Coins


Dimes, Quarters, Half-Dollars & Dollar Coins 1964 and Older

Indian Head Pennies (1859 - 1909)

Lincoln Wheat Pennies (1909 - 1958)

Liberty Seated Half Dollar (1839 - 1891)

Barber Half Dollar (1892 - 1915)

Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916 - 1947)

Franklin Half Dollars (1948 - 1963)

Seated Liberty (1840 - 1873)

Morgan Silver Dollars (1878 - 1921)

Trade Dollars (1873 - 1885)

Peace Silver Dollars (1921 - 1935)

Where to Sell Silver and Gold Coins in Memphis?
Here at Accent! We'll evaluate your coins and make you a cash offer - just stop by!

If you are looking for a safe and secure setting, being paid in cash, by a reputable coin dealer, come to Accent!

Our two graduates of Professionally Trained Coin Graders provide fast cash offers on African Krugerrands, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Gold Pandas, British Sovereigns, Double Eagles, $5 Indian Coins, $20 St. Gaudens Coins and much more. As a side note, we advise not to clean any of your collectible coins. They are worth more 'as is'. Cleaning a coin can reduce its collectible value up to 50%.


Memphis Coin Buyers

Whether you want to sell an entire collection of coins, or just want to sell one gold or silver coin here in Memphis, we would love to see what you have. Come visit us and we will give you a top-dollar offer in a safe, friendly, and clean environment.


Fast Service

Accent provides you with the fastest and easiest way to get the most amount of money for your rare Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins and Bullion.

To make sure you are getting the best price, our Memphis based coin dealers utilize several industry resources and publications, as well as various consultants in the grading and collecting community. You are never obligated to sell, and there is no fee to have one of our coin buyers make you an offer.

Best Place to Sell Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion in Memphis?

At Accent, we communicate daily with refineries and market specialists to provide our customers with the highest prices for their Gold, Silver, and Platinum Bullion. As the market fluctuates daily, so will the value of various types of precious metal bullion. Be confident in choosing Accent as the place you sell your Gold, Silver, and Platinum bullion in Memphis!

Sell Gold     Sell Silver     Sell Diamonds

Memphis Coin Buyer | Sell Your Gold and Silver Coins in Memphis

Stacks of Coins

Gold Dinar

French Napoleon
Hungarian Korona
Malaysian Kijang Emas
Silver Eagle

Numismatic Coins
Malaysian Kijang Emas
Perth Mint
Silver Coins
South African Krugerrand
Silver Maple Leaf
Silver Bullion
Swiss Vreneli
Russian Chervonets
Russian George the Victorious
Royal Canadian Mint
Silver Currency
Silver Rounds
Turkish Republic



Liberty Head or 'V' Nickels (1883 - 1912)

Buffalo or Indian Head Nickels (1913 - 1938)

Early Jefferson Nickel (1938 - 1964)

Barber Dimes (1892 - 1916)

Mercury or Winged Liberty Head Dimes (1916 - 1945)

Roosevelt Silver Dime (1946 - 1964)

Roosevelt Clad Dime (1965 - Date)

Serving Tennessee, Mississippi & Arkansas.

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