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Private Loan Service

Virtually everyone has found themselves in need of short term cash at least once in their life.  Reasons vary, but usually a need for quick cash is created by unexpected emergencies or unique opportunities. 


Located in East Memphis, Accent Jewelers and Loans offers unlimited cash personal loans during such times. These cash loans are most often collateralized by fine jewelry or fine watches.  Terms typically vary from a few days to a few months. That’s part of the beauty of an Accent Cash Loan; it can be custom-tailored to fit specific needs.  And, when such a personal loan needs to be discreet, we guarantee complete confidentiality.

An Accent cash loan:

  • Is quick

  • Is easy

  • Requires no credit check

  • Is completely confidential

So, when an unexpected medical emergency, auto repair or opportunity to make a quick profit on a great investment surfaces, consider the best company for quality personal loans in Memphis: Accent Jewelers and Loans. No appointment is necessary!

Image by Giorgio Trovato

An Accent Personal Loan is easy, quick, convenient and completely confidential. We don't require any credit check, so it will never affect your credit score - even if the loan is never repaid.

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private loan service


Without a doubt the best in West Tennessee. The people at Accent Jewelers are very nice and honest folks. If you want quality jewelry and good prices, go nowhere else but here. We will definitely continue to do business here. Southern hospitality at its finest!

— Hal S.

Where to get a personal loan in Memphis? Accent is the place! We take jewelry as collateral.

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