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What’s Up with Gold Prices?

In case you haven’t noticed, gold has hit record highs recently. High gold prices often cause folks to start to wonder if it is time to sell some of the jewelry, coins, or bullion they’ve been hanging onto, or whether it’s best to continue to wait the market out.  One of the questions we hear most often at Accent is “What are the factors that drive the daily fluctuations in the prices of gold and silver?”. While we certainly don’t have a crystal ball, some of the impacting factors that we often pay attention to are:

1.    Supply and Demand: Like any commodity, gold prices are influenced by supply and demand dynamics. Changes in mining output, central bank reserves, and industrial demand can affect the supply side, while jewelry demand, investment demand, and central bank purchases can influence demand.

2.    Economic Conditions: Gold is often seen as a safe-haven asset during times of economic uncertainty or instability. Economic indicators such as GDP growth, inflation rates, interest rates, and currency movements can impact investor sentiment towards gold.

3.    Inflation: Gold is often used as a hedge against inflation. When inflation is expected to rise, investors may buy gold to preserve their purchasing power, which can drive up prices.

4.    Geopolitical Events: Political instability, conflicts, and geopolitical tensions can increase demand for gold as a safe haven asset. Uncertainty in global politics can lead investors to seek refuge in gold, thus driving up prices.

5.    Currency Movements: Since gold is priced in US dollars, fluctuations in the value of the dollar relative to other currencies can impact gold prices. A weaker dollar typically makes gold more attractive to investors outside the US, leading to higher demand and prices.

6.    Interest Rates: Gold doesn't pay interest or dividends, so when interest rates rise, the opportunity cost of holding gold increases since it doesn't offer a yield. Conversely, when interest rates fall, gold becomes more attractive compared to interest-bearing assets, leading to increased demand and higher prices.

7.    Speculation and Market Sentiment: Investor sentiment, market speculation, and trading activities in gold futures and options markets can also influence short-term price movements.

These factors often interact in complex ways, leading to the volatility observed in gold prices. Additionally, psychological factors such as fear, greed, and market sentiment can further amplify price movements in the short term.

Regardless of the factors above, one of our goals at Accent in Memphis TN is to always offer the best price possible to our customers. This means we watch gold and silver prices closely and match our offers accordingly. That means you can always trust that you are getting the most money for your items when you bring them to Accent - Memphis' oldest gold buyer. If you are looking to take advantage of some of the recent historic high prices in gold and silver, come see us at Accent and find out why so many customers keep coming back.


We’re located on the first floor of the I-Bank Tower at 5050 Poplar in Memphis. And remember, at Accent, We Pay More for Gold, Sterling Silver, and Jewelry!

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