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When I sell my gold, do you pay me for the diamonds?

We have many customers ask us “Are my diamonds worth anything, or are you just buying the gold?”

At Accent, we have multiple buyers, totaling close to 100 years of experience in the jewelry industry. When a piece of jewelry comes through our doors, we not only evaluate the metals within the piece, but also take into account the diamonds, and some colored stones as well.

Our graduate gemologist can accurately provide our buyers with a color and clarity, based on the mostly highly regarded grading scale in the world, the GIA grading scale. Being able to provide this service gives our buyers the ability to pay for your diamonds based on the current market.

We want you to sell with confidence, and you can sell to Accent knowing that the experience and education on this side of the counter is the difference in someone guessing what your jewelry is worth, and someone offering you a price directly based on current markets for gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and other high end pieces like designer jewelry and Rolex watches.

Accent Jewelers & Loans is located in Memphis TN in the iBank Building on Poplar Avenue.

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