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What Accent IS Doing to Help Keep You Safe

- At Accent we are using up-to-the-minute information, issued by the C.D.C., to insure best safety practices are being followed by our staff. Our employees keep a safe distance from one another, wear masks and gloves when we do have to be in close quarters, as well as staggering breaks so we can maintain proper distancing guidelines.

- We have various air filters set up within our offices to assist in filtering the air of any contaminates, and disinfect high touch surfaces often.

- We are doing everything in our power to eliminate any transmission of the virus, but are here to help in these trying times.

If you are concerned with safety, talk to one of us. Now, more than ever, Accent is committed to keeping customers safe and connected to us, as well as keeping our employees safe. We are located in the iBank Building in East Memphis at 5050 Poplar in East Memphis.

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