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What is the Difference Between a Natural versus Lab-Grown Diamond?

Many people are aware of the differences between a diamond and a cubic zirconia or “CZ”. One of the primary differences is durability. A diamond is the hardest stone known and can only be cut by another diamond. While a CZ is much less hard, and thus less durable, than a real diamond.

But what about natural diamonds versus lab-grown?

Lab-grown diamonds are essentially identical in construct to a natural diamond. They are both constructed by compressing carbon under extreme pressure and under extreme temperatures. However, while a lab-grown diamond can be made in a matter of weeks, it takes billions of years for diamonds to form beneath the earth. This distinction is why a natural diamond will hold value over time while a lab-grown diamond likely will not. Nothing can replace the uniqueness, meaning, and rarity of a natural diamond formed over inconceivable amounts of time far beneath the Earth’s surface.

Natural Diamonds - We Buy and Sell Them Here in Memphis

If you are in the market for natural diamonds or have one to sell, come see us at Accent Jewelers and Loans. Or even if you just want to talk diamonds, come on by! We love to help our customers and potential customers learn more about this industry that we love. We’re located on the first floor of the I-Bank Tower at 505 Poplar in Memphis. And remember, at Accent, We Pay More!

difference between natural diamond and cz diamond
Accent Jewelers in Memphis Buys and Sells Natural Diamonds


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