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Things to Consider When Selling a High End Watch

With the advent of Apple Watches and Fitbits, people seem to be parting ways with bigger and bulkier timepieces they’ve inherited, or no longer care to wear. While E-watches have become popular, there is still a great market for luxury brand watches like Patek Phillipe, Rolex, Cartier, etc. as many of these timepieces hold their value and can even be quite collectable.

Accent Jewelers and Loans has been buying unwanted timepieces for years, and can assess and evaluate your piece for authenticity, but also provide you an offer based on the current resale of your item.

The process is actually quite simple, especially if you’ve managed to hold on to the box and paperwork (which is helpful when authenticating). Our buyers have been trained to spot inconsistencies, like plating wearing off where there should be gold, correct model and serial number, movements that match the appropriate model, etc.

When our buyers are assessing the value of your watch, many factors are taken into consideration, like the condition of the watch, is it serviceable or in need of a service, are all of the links accounted for, and the year that the watch was produced. All of these issues are important to cover during the evaluation process. This allows us to provide the highest price possible based on the re-sale market for pre-owned watches.

Consider Accent if you are thinking of parting with one of your old timepieces. We're located on the 1st floor of the iBank Tower at 5050 Poplar in East Memphis.

Videos of Memphis Watch Appraiser

View jewelry appraiser inspecting the movement of a high end watch to see confirm that it is authentic.

This video shows our watch appraiser removing the back of the watch with a specialized watch tool.

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