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How Much Are My “Rare” Coins Worth?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

At least a few times each day, our buyers are asked “How much can I get for these old coins?”

Many times customers have done online research, which can be very misleading, so expectations for coins can be much higher than what the collector market demands. That said, there are many instances where a coins value is worth considerably more than the gold or silver content alone. There are even some instances when the market goes up, and we see coins “melt” for more than collectors are willing to pay for them.

The internet is a great way to learn and study, and even sometimes get a general idea of what something is worth, but the collector market can be fickle. Our coin dealers will explain the entire process to you before they give you a cash offer.

There are many coins in circulation that are very valuable, but just because a coin is old, it doesn’t always mean it will be worth a lot of money. Many of the coins struck by the U.S. Mint were done in the millions, some even in the billions! The coins that were struck in the hundreds of thousands, or if you’re lucky enough to find one, tens of thousands, will typically be more valuable, because the chances of one surviving is slim.

There are many great publications and texts that provide history, advice on grading coins, and other pertinent information into the field of Numismatics! Our coin dealers in Memphis have access to all of this information!

Gather your old coins and come see us at 5050 Poplar, Memphis TN. We're located in the iBank Building next door to Whole Foods.


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