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When is a Good Time to Sell My Gold?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Several times a day we receive calls about selling gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, etc., and one of the first questions we’re asked is, “Is it a good time to sell my jewelry/coins?

As a consumer you can follow the precious metals market from your smart phone or computer, and the newspaper will usually have numbers listed from the previous day’s market. There are many ways to see what the gold and silver markets are doing, and if the prices for these metals are going up or down.

At Accent we always have our finger on the pulse of the precious metals, coins, and fine jewelry industries. This allows us to base our offers on the current markets, and trends, and give you our best price first, which is why we always pay more for your valuables!

Come see us! We're located on the first floor of the iBank Building at 5050 Poplar - next door to Whole Foods.

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