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Credentials, Educations, and Training

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

When it comes to expertise, and education, you will not find another jewelry store in Memphis with credentials equivalent to those held by the staff at Accent.

Staff Credentials at Accent Jewelers & Loans

G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist, Accredited Jewelry Professionals, Numismatic Professionals, and the list goes on, and will continue to grow as we are constantly investing in our education. Education and training can be the difference maker when receiving an offer on your valuables, which could be hundreds or thousands of dollars.

An Example of a Rare Coin

Coins can provide some of the best examples when trying to illustrate how rarity, condition, and age will affect an offer, and where education shines through with coin dealers. For instance, an 1838-D $5.00 Liberty Head gold coin has around $400 worth of gold in it, if it were to be melted. However, because the coin was minted in Dahlonega, Georgia (which is no longer in use as a branch of the US Mint), and so few of them were minted, they can bring thousands of dollars if they’re in “decent” condition. Last year, an 1838-D $5.00 Liberty was purchased at Accent for over $19,000.00, all because of its tremendous condition, and the fact that so few of this particular coin were struck (less than 21,000).

How Do We Do It?

Having buyers throughout the country provides us the ability to pay top dollar for pieces with such collectability, and it’s our training and expertise that gives us the knowledge we need to know exactly what to look for when it comes to especially rare items.

Our coin dealers are located on the bottom floor of the iBank Building in East Memphis.

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